EMSTAT, LLC is an Event Management and Logistics Company


Event Production, Promotion, Management, Staffing

Bus Transportation, Emergency Evacuation and Logistics 

Parking staff, Valet staff, Traffic Control

Headquartered in central Virginia with satellite representatives across the globe, we provide event management and transportation services locally, nationally and abroad.

Gary Everett, Owner and Managing Director of EMSTAT

Gary Everett

With over 20 years in the Transportation and Event Management industry, Gary brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the area of bus management, driver training and safety standards.

For 14 years as owner and operator of Everett Tours and Fredericksburg Limousine, Gary had hands on experience in the maintenance of motor coach vehicles.  This included driver training and testing, record keeping and tracking, company sales, and safety standards to meet the industry requirements.

As a Sales, Safety and Training Director for Quicks Bus Company, Gary had two years in honing his skills and later manage successful driver training programs. With this refined intelligence, he accepted a Managing Director position with Emstat, an event management, promotion and production company.

Gary’s current work with Emstat covers driver training and certification.  He recommends hiring policies and procedures; provides safety instructions and acts as a consultant to transportation companies on management and maintenance programs.  In the area of limousine’s and automobiles he also demonstrates defensive driving, evasive maneuvers, pinning and zone removal.

A past President of The Virginia Limousine Association; a position he held for 5 years, and as a past President of Spotsylvania Volunteer Rescue Squad; three consecutive terms, Gary is a well rounded transportation specialist and consultant. In addition, having co-authored current regulations for Limousines and Taxis, Gary will bring a level of expertise that will further promote its already high standards of transportation management.

Gary explains starting EMSTAT, “After attending many events over the years for weekend entertainment I kept asking myself “Why this way”? or “Why that way”? or telling myself “If I were doing this it would flow a lot easier and be more beneficial to all if you did this or that”  Asking the vendors “Why this or that” lead me to a Winery owner and we became good aquaintances.  This acquaintanceship so to speak led to them asking if I would do their festival. The short of it is-no one was arrested and the complaint box was empty so that’s the end of the story.  Over the years we have absorbed 3 small businesses and gone from that one event to somewhere between 24 to 28 events a year on the Festival / Event side of the business.”

“After years of being with a team that orchestrates the secure transportation movements for dignitaries and others,  I felt there was a need for quality  transportation service regardless of the event nature or size.  Even though it dates me,  I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 39 years in transportation, logistics and security with 21 one of these years in the private sector.”

EMSTAT’s Major Clients:

Carey Meetings and Events
City of Fredericksburg
Exceptional Events Ltd
Fredericksburg Area Wine Festival Inc.
Green County, VA-Dept of Tourism
Monticello Wine Growers Association Inc.
Prosody Creative Services Inc.
Protocol Partners Inc.
Transportation Management Service, LLC
UVA Alumni Association


Lisa Wright, Marketing & Event Management & Planning








Lisa comes to EMSTAT after a 30 year career in law enforcement with a recent retirement as Captain at Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office in Virginia.  She served in investigations, patrol, undercover work and management roles during her career.  As Captain, she planned and oversaw many major community events and completed all levels of FEMA training for disasters and large scale events.  She holds an M.Ed. in Adult Education from U.V.A. and a B.S. from U.M.W. in Geology and Spanish.  Prior to her law enforcement career Lisa taught Spanish and Physical Science and also served for six years as a contractor for DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration).  In this job, she traveled the U.S. to bring asset forfeiture training to local/state and federal law enforcement.   Her expertise lies in management and planning of large events as well as participation at all levels of response.